Stowe & So Tea Towels

Busy, busy, busy.... the purpose of life is a life of purpose! In these dotty designs the animals deal with their daily business. The bees pursue bright dots of pollen, the bulls chase and charge at red targets in their indomitable bullish way. The donkeys search for thistles among the stones and ponder why they eat things so prickly, while the wild-life is on a hunter gather mission which involves hiding or creeping up between light grey dots which could be caves, rocks or holes, as the case may be....

These designs are printed onto tea towels in a limited edition of 50 sets per design, available only online and in our stores. Hand-printed on 100% cotton or a cotton/linen mix and sewn up into mixy matchy sets of two, they can be tumble dried and machine washed on a cool cycle. They make great gifts, for yourself (or other nice people)! The Gogga, Donkey and Wild Life designs have wandered onto ceramics and are available on mugs and two sizes of bowls, also in a limited run of 50 (keep an eye out on the website for when these become available).

PROMO: We’re looking into printing tea-towels in a new, lighter, 100% cotton fabric. The first three customers to order on this special will receive a bonus free tea-towel so they can test and compare for us which is the better fabric.