Colour Your Own Kit for PIGGETRY

R 480.00


COLOUR YOUR OWN PHILOSOPHY: There is little more soothing than sitting quietly applying beautiful colours to spaces. Art is a free therapy that reduces stress, increases happiness and produces millions of beautiful objects that never existed in the universe before. With our new COLOURYOUROWNPHILOSOPHY concept, we have done the tricky bits (drawing the pictures) and left you the fun part, adding colour. You can do it alone, or seated around a table with friends, family and wine.

Order the fabric, or product of your choice, and we supply the paint kit. The item comes printed in black and supplied with fabric ink in the 3 primary colours. So you can mix any colour you like. Supplied with a paintbrush and a sheet of instructions.

If there is something you would like that is not on the list of available products, you would prefer a different design, or you would like to order the fabric by the meter, just give us a shout and we will make the necessary arrangements.