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At Stowe and so. we are committed to turning ideas and whimsical thoughts into things. So we see a goat in a field eating a tree, we think about this goat and it’s tree and then we catch the goat with our pencil and after a little wrestling and magic we pen it onto a mug, cushion or art print. Now the Goat can come and live with you forever. Without the goat or the tree being harmed, or even noticing - usually. We’re totally vegan that way.

And so it goes. Everywhere we go, we see things and make them into something new. It really is a kind of magic that we offer to you. All our thoughts are totally new and have never been had before – which is kind of amazing considering how much thinking is going on all the time.

Lucky for us most people are usually thinking about what’s for lunch – and then they immediately need one of our pasta bowls, or a sandwich side plate and a tablecloth to put it on.... and that’s where we become useful again!